Our Business Model – Sustainable Beekeeping


This picture was taken by our daughter Brooke. Brooke says “I don’t do bees” but apparently she feels secure behind the lens of her camera.

By partnering with organic farmers and local land owners we are able to spread our bees out over many square miles, keeping fewer bees at more locations. This practice, although more time consuming and expensive, allows the pollinators to benefit more of the environment which in turn sustains the lower density of bees with an abundant natural food supply. This symbiotic relationship eliminates the need to routinely feed cane sugar or high fructose corn syrups. This results in honey made from flower nectar not syrup and healthier bees, which make more surplus honey for us to enjoy.

We will never sacrifice the health of our honeybees or the quality of their honey for profit.

We sell honey from our bees only. We are not honey brokers.

As we grow we need more places to keep our bees so please let us know if you are interested in letting us keep some at your place. The minimum amount is 10 hives per location and if forage is plentiful we will keep up to 20. Ideal conditions include;

  • Off to the side and out of your way.
  • Full sun all day with late afternoon shade.
  • Dry
  • Protected from northwest winter winds
  • Water near by
  • Abundant forage

And of course it can’t be too far from Peachtree Corners, where we live, or too far from where we have existing hives. Those locations include Austell, Cumming, Douglasville, Duluth, Gainesville, Jefferson, Lithonia, Marietta, Murrayville, Peachtree Corners, Powder Springs, Suwannee and Woodstock.