Why Buy Our Honey

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Honeycomb with honeybees drying and capping honey when its ready.

In addition to being local to Atlanta our honey is made from flower nectar not syrup. We do not supplemental feed our bees in order to increase the amount of honey they make. The resulting real honey is not only sweet, it is also nutritious and flavorful.

Our honey is pure, raw, never heated and unaltered in any way. It is removed from the honeycomb with a centrifuge type extractor, strained (not micro-filtered) and bottled. Straining removes large particles such as beeswax but not smaller particles such as pollen which is said to be beneficial. Nothing else is done to it. It is not pasteurized, modified or changed in any way.

Bees are commonly fed cane sugar syrup and/or high fructose corn syrup to supplement the nectar they gather. The bees combine the syrup with flower nectar and make more honey faster. This practice can be beneficial at times such as during a dearth (when there is little or no flower nectar available), when starting a new hive or when trying to ensure a colony has enough honey to make it through the winter. However, the resulting honey is inferior to honey made only from flower nectar. This “mixed honey” is still sweet but not as nutritious or flavorful.  WE DO NOT FEED OUR BEES TO INCREASE THEIR YIELD!  Our honey is made from flowers, not syrups!

Beekeepers can increase honey yield and therefore sales, by feeding their bees. The resulting fake honey is not as flavorful since it contains large amounts of simple syrup or high fructose corn syrup.

We do not know how common the practice is so we will let you decide for yourself. While deciding, keep the following cost incentive in mind. 50 pounds of cane sugar, which costs less than $25, can be turned into around 50 pounds of honey which can then be sold for around $500. High fructose corn syrup costs even less than cane sugar.

Make sure the honey you buy is real honey made from flower nectar not syrup.



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