Sourwood Honey


Sourwood Tree Blossoms

Honey which is made predominately from one type of blossom is know as a monofloral honey.

Sourwood Honey is honey made predominately from the nectar of sourwood tree blossoms. It is prized by honey connoisseurs worldwide & has won “best honey in the world“, more than once,  at the Apimondia World Honey Show!

Extraordinary sourwood honey requires an abundance of sourwood trees and ideal growing conditions. The foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in north Georgia, where our sourwood honey is made, has been blessed with both.

Honeybees love sourwood nectar and when it’s abundantly available they will gather less other types of nectar and produce a purer sourwood honey. The flavor of sourwood honey is affected by the growing conditions of the tree similar to how wine is affected by the growing conditions of the grape vine. The high density of sourwood trees and ideal growing conditions allows our bees to make superb sourwood honey.

A taste is worth a thousand words. Try it and enjoy some of the best honey in the world.

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